Installing LetsEncrypt SSL on Namecheap via

I tried going the ZeroSSL/sslforfree route but they’re limited to 3 certs per account inclusive of expiry, but that is not reasonable. I found this site and followed the instructions but problems grew from external updates and changes. Eventually, I found solutions involving :

  • adding email before installation,
  • setting the server & ca to letsencrypt
  • setting the keylength to 2048 (default was EC and was too short)

So here’s my solution for now that worked to install letsencrypt ssl on namecheap

curl | sh -s --set-default-ca --server letsencrypt --issue --webroot /home/username/ -d --keylength 2048 --staging --issue --webroot /home/username/ -d --keylength 2048 --force --deploy --deploy-hook cpanel_uapi --domain

The deploy part can be done on the cpanel, copy-pasting the cert/keys you generated.

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