Shopee SPX Self-collection

When I saw the SPX Self-collection option on the app’s checkout, I wanted to try it out. Shopee Free shipping vouchers are usually enough to cover the cost, so that route didn’t seem worth the effort.

Got the chance when I wanted to buy something from Cebu but shipping cost is above P100 (more than the items cost). Vouchers are just P50-80 off for to-door delivery, but by choosing Self-collection the cost is P0. It doesn’t mix well with discount vouchers though, so keep that in to account. For my area, the app gave two collection points to choose from, I just chose Topsco jeans as it was the least walk distance.

The item took six(6) days to get from Cebu to Manila, then I was notified that it was ready for pickup. The window to get it was 7 days so I chose a day when I was due for errands as well. The layout of Two Shopping Center is weird, so I had to ask 3 separate guards for directions. Here’s the shortest version:

Enter the mall via Pasilio F, walk until the end and exit the mall’s glass door. Elevators and stairs are on your right, go down one floor to the basement. With the shopee/lazada posters on the stairs and on Topsco, you can miss it.

I showed the app provided PIN to the crew, and they entered it on a computer. She quickly found my item, scanned it via barcode reader and gave it to me. Asked her if I need to click ‘order received’ on my app, but she didn’t require it. Done!

Possible reasons to choose SPX Self-collection

  • Delivery date might fall on a day you/everyone is out, with no one to receive.
  • Delivery/Rider hours doesn’t match your sched/body clock.
  • Item is within size, weight, and price limits.
  • Lower cost. If shipping vouchers aren’t available or cover enough, this option might work.

*This post is not sponsored. Just wanted to describe my experience.

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