Ang Huling El Bimbo: Notes

Notes on the Show

  • Lots of songs included: covers, mashups, medleys, modified. Live Band.
  • 3+hour runtime with 15min intermission. PG-13(?)
  • LED screens on stage left and right, helpful for close-ups during some scenes.
  • If picking up tickets, do arrive early. Else, do arrive early anyway XD.
  • Show starts with movie style credits (don’t block it out as advertisement/notices)
  • Bring tissues, for drying yourself off the rain, etc, etc. 
  • Sample view from seats:

How I got to the venue

Supposedly the Airport Loop Bus from Pasay MRT should pass and stop at RWM but dropped everyone off at Terminal 3 (20php). A service goes from T3 to RWM, but with the traffic, the estimated time would be too late to make the show. I was advised to just take the walkway to RWM, which involved entering the Airport, escalators, walkalators and elevators (around 600meters). Bit of fun for an adventurer like me :3


Shameless Plug

The awesome playwright is my high school batchmate, Dingdong Novenario and our batch is doing a fundraising show on August 25, 2018. Do watch it with us!

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  1. CCCC Reply

    How I got to thw venue: i took the MRT, got down at taft avenue station, went down at edsa northbound, and waited for NICHOLS jeep. It will pass by Total gas station (a Resorts World landmark), so i got off at the gas station and walked my way to RWM. 9php

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