Ang Larawan (The Movie)

The traditional format and criteria of the Metro Manila Film Festival(MMFF) made me stay away, as it preferred ticket sales over overall quality of movies. This year though, with their internal changes, help from my network, and fb algorithms, “Ang Larawan” drew my interest and made me want to watch it.

The three-act play “A Portrait of the Artist as Filipino” was probably a required reading back in school, but I vaguely remember it now. Thus I was able to enjoy the flow of the story with fresh eyes.

Being a musical, it might not be for everybody, but I personally liked it. A different period yes, yet it tackles a lot of the same issues we experience today: familial squabbles, inheritance, depression, public image, greed, and love. If you have time this holiday season, do watch the movie to feel how much love and dedication went into it. You’ll probably agree why this movie was awarded Best Film.

As a photographer, I drawn to the bokeh and framing of the scenes. I occasionally caught some weird effects and some lens/post-prod filters that showed some bokeh was faked/forced.

I was pleasantly surprised to see some familiar theater faces in the film. Cris Villonco, Rachel Alejandro, and Sandino Martin, to name a few :3 . It was also nice to find people as part of this movie (Law Fajardo, Riva Ferrer).

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