Hanabishi Power Juicer HPJ-100 (review)

Starting to juice need not be expensive. Looking for a juicer might be shocking when those in display range from 4k-25k Php. Thankfully there are appliance manufacturers who offer great value for money. An example of this is the Hanabishi Power Juicer HPJ-100

Hanabishi HPJ-100

top view
The HPJ-100 is similar to models from Black & Decker and Kyowa. It offers decent performance and costs just 920 Php (SM North Edsa).



  • Powerful 400W motor easily beats up vegetables and fruits.
  • The tray on top is convenient for continuously feeding the juicer.
  • Massive pulp container allows for longer operation without stopping to dump the pulp.
  • Relatively easy to clean.
  • Medium sized strainer holes allows for more juice and less pulp


  • Compared to super high-end models, the feeder tube is smaller. Extra steps in preparation to cut up items to fit.
  • Minute manufacturing errors let little bits of pulp reach the juicer’s body.
  • After dozens of use, the internal plastic parts remain stained from your juice’s pigments.
  • It is rather loud (a trade-off for the power).



Versus HPJ-50:

The less than 100 Php difference is probably not worth it. Go for the HPJ-100 for overall capacity. Below is a comparison of the blade/filter sizes:
filter/blade comparison


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