Globe LTE Prepaid Sim Upgrade

By some circumstance, I needed my prepaid globe sim to support LTE. Luckily enough, Globe was offering the upgrade for free as stated on their website:

I prepared the necessary documents & backups, but failed when I visited the Globe Store in MoA, as they ran out of the blank sim. (Heard from a source that it’s only first 50 per day).

Passed by Globe Store at Megamall two days after and was lucky that they had sims left. I was queued then waited for around 30 minutes to be served. I gave  my 2 valid ID’s wrote the upgrade code and my got my new working sim in 20 mins. :3

Also as a bonus, 8080 messaged that I have 1GB for 3 days to try out the new LTE speeds 😀

[January 4 – 6, 2018]

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