Boto’t Bunot (Vote and Extraction)


I wanted to get this out before the anesthesia fades out and leaves me a pained mess XD. Being election day, I wanted to exercise my right and vote. Having moved out from my old area, I forgot my precinct number so it took me a while to find it. The voting process itself was fast and easy.

Toothache was bothering me repeatedly for a while and at some point I just had to make it stop. Luckily my dentist-godmom was near the voting area so I paid her a visit. Aside from the molar that was bothering me, I asked her to take out two other worn down teeth. Wasn’t sure if that was bold/reckless… but yeah, three.

The first two were kinda routine. She saved the worst for last. It was impacted, slanted and broken, so that took us a while.

Dentist: Okay, open up…
Me: So yun, na-sasad lang ako minsan ng walang rason…

I believe my tolerance for pain is above normal. She had to stop at some point because my tears were falling even though I wasn’t at my threshold yet. She injected some more and we got the bugger out.

In extreme drama/thriller fashion though, the real mastermind/culprit reared it’s ugly and smelly head. The tooth beside the extracted molar was really damaged, only visible because of the removal. She placed some temporary pasta and we’ll revisit it a different day 🙁

I bought the meds I needed and sped home. I don’t think I have to, but I’ll try a liquid diet for now. Thankfully I got a reusable/bamboo straw from Mic and some food that can be blended :3

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