Curious Case Of The 1.53 Peso Coffee

I’ve been really into finding ways to make more and save money. With luck and research I have been relatively successful. A major part of the strategy is watching for deals from online wallets/shops. 

Recently one of the best ones is GCash‘s QR Day 50% Cashback, which happens around the 3rd week each month. The amount has gone down to 200 Pesos, but if utilized properly, can still be of help. 

Although not the cheapest per serving (normally 3.50), a 5+1 promotion for San Mig Dos lowered it to 2.91. Combined with 50% cashback up to 200, the price per serving is brought down to 1.53 for 144 servings. I found this 5+1 promotion at Puregold Quezon Avenue (most branches support GCash).

Tag Price420
GCash cashback-200
split to 144 servings1.53

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