Globe LTE Prepaid Sim Upgrade

By some circumstance, I needed my prepaid globe sim to support LTE. Luckily enough, Globe was offering the upgrade for free as stated on their website:

I prepared the necessary documents & backups, but failed when I visited the Globe Store in MoA, as they ran out of the blank sim. (Heard from a source that it’s only first 50 per day).

Passed by Globe Store at Megamall two days after and was lucky that they had sims left. I was queued then waited for around 30 minutes to be served. I gave  my 2 valid ID’s wrote the upgrade code and my got my new working sim in 20 mins. :3

Also as a bonus, 8080 messaged that I have 1GB for 3 days to try out the new LTE speeds 😀

[January 4 – 6, 2018]

Ang Larawan (The Movie)

The traditional format and criteria of the Metro Manila Film Festival(MMFF) made me stay away, as it preferred ticket sales over overall quality of movies. This year though, with their internal changes, help from my network, and fb algorithms, “Ang Larawan” drew my interest and made me want to watch it.

The three-act play “A Portrait of the Artist as Filipino” was probably a required reading back in school, but I vaguely remember it now. Thus I was able to enjoy the flow of the story with fresh eyes.

Being a musical, it might not be for everybody, but I personally liked it. A different period yes, yet it tackles a lot of the same issues we experience today: familial squabbles, inheritance, depression, public image, greed, and love. If you have time this holiday season, do watch the movie to feel how much love and dedication went into it. You’ll probably agree why this movie was awarded Best Film.

As a photographer, I drawn to the bokeh and framing of the scenes. I occasionally caught some weird effects and some lens/post-prod filters that showed some bokeh was faked/forced.

I was pleasantly surprised to see some familiar theater faces in the film. Cris Villonco, Rachel Alejandro, and Sandino Martin, to name a few :3 . It was also nice to find people as part of this movie (Law Fajardo, Riva Ferrer).

Movie Website

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* Featured Image and additional photos from the official website and Flickr.

Hanabishi Power Juicer HPJ-100 (review)

Starting to juice need not be expensive. Looking for a juicer might be shocking when those in display range from 4k-25k Php. Thankfully there are appliance manufacturers who offer great value for money. An example of this is the Hanabishi Power Juicer HPJ-100

Hanabishi HPJ-100

top view
The HPJ-100 is similar to models from Black & Decker and Kyowa. It offers decent performance and costs just 920 Php (SM North Edsa).



  • Powerful 400W motor easily beats up vegetables and fruits.
  • The tray on top is convenient for continuously feeding the juicer.
  • Massive pulp container allows for longer operation without stopping to dump the pulp.
  • Relatively easy to clean.
  • Medium sized strainer holes allows for more juice and less pulp


  • Compared to super high-end models, the feeder tube is smaller. Extra steps in preparation to cut up items to fit.
  • Minute manufacturing errors let little bits of pulp reach the juicer’s body.
  • After dozens of use, the internal plastic parts remain stained from your juice’s pigments.
  • It is rather loud (a trade-off for the power).



Versus HPJ-50:

The less than 100 Php difference is probably not worth it. Go for the HPJ-100 for overall capacity. Below is a comparison of the blade/filter sizes:
filter/blade comparison